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YOUR Year End Results Needed

The end of the year is fast approaching, please remember to send in your scores from any other recognized and schooling shows that you have attended.  Also, don't forget to nominate for any special awards that you may be eligible to receive.

Veteran’s Day
Paper Chase

 At Great Marsh Farm

November 10, 2019

Registration starts at 9:30am

Rides Depart 10:00am - 1:00pm

412 Marsh Road, Elverson, PA

$25 per ride – Veteran’s Ride Free!!!


Teams of up to four riders will enjoy a beautiful 6-8 mile course, with optional jumps, through the Marsh Creek countryside.

Be prepared to collect envelopes along the course.

Prizes will be awarded to teams riding in appropriate patriotic dress.

Divisions:  Hunt Pace (W/T/C quicker pace)

                Average Joe (W/T/C slower pace)  

                Leisurely (W/T slow)


We encourage quicker pace riders/teams to come early.

Courteous riding behavior will be expected.

All horses must have a Negative Coggins.  HELMETS REQUIRED for all riders.


FMI- Sandy 610-349-3221


Also visit our Facebook page for more information and weather related cancellations!

Proceeds benefit FCEA Educational Fund for Continuing Education and Educational Activities.


Results from Oct 6 Show at Journey's End Farm


  Place Score % Rider Horse
        USDF Intro A
  1 121.5 75.93% Fay Seltzer Hotdate SFH
  2 119 74.37% Julia Leister Well Off
  3 109.5 68.44% Jessica Rexroth Fiona
  4 106.5 66.56% Janessa Hauser Cruzline
  5 102.5 64.06% Donna Murphy Swan's Rosalind
  6 92 57.50% Madison Kopchinski Grendel's Vengeance
    89.5 55.90% David Derr Hesselhoj Gentleman
    87 54.37% Sandra Obenchain Mr. Dillon
        USDF Intro B
  1 121 75.62% Fay Seltzer Hotdate SFH
  2 107 66.87% Donna Murphy Swan's Rosalind
  3 104 65.00% Julia Leister Well Off
  4 100.5 62.81% Jessica Rexroth Fiona
  5 97 60.63% Madison Kopchinski Grendel's Vengeance
  6 96 60.00% Katie Borgstrom Fiona
    92* 57.50% Janessa Hauser Cruzline
    92 57.50% Samantha Obenchain Mr. Dillon
        USDF Intro C
  1 291 82.50% Linda Boileau Gatlin
  2 125.5 62.75% Katie Borgstrom Fiona
  3 103 51.50% Sandra Obenchain Mr. Dillon
        Training 1
  1 192.5 74.04% Linda Boileau Gatlin
  2 151.5 58.27% Julia Leister Well Off
        Training 2
  1 228 78.62% Alexa Derr Hesselhoj Gentleman
  2 211 72.76% Louise Jordan-Beam Sam I Am
  3 187 64.48% Linda Otto Mr. Dillon
        Training 3
  1 235 81.03% Alexa Derr Hesselhoj Gentleman
  2 209 72.24% Louise Jordan-Beam Sam I Am
  3 182.5 62.93% linda Otto Mr. Dillon
  4 160.5 55.34% Debbie Reichert Lion Eyez Keegan
  HC 165.5 57.06% Debbie Reichert Lion Eyez Keegan
        First 2
  1 258 73.71% Lauren Sara Carola
  2 252.5 72.14% Sharon Rinkenbach MVP Memphys
  3 242.5 69.29% Jennifer Schmidt Royal Grace
        First 3
  1 291 80.83% Emily Lord Floral
  2 275.5 76.52% Kelsey Shewmaker Dark Tabe
  3 269 74.72% Jennifer Schmidt Royal Grace
  4 251 69.72% Julia Yauneridge Falko
  5 248 68.88% Sharon Rinkenbach MVP Memphys
  1 147.5 73.75% Hilary Fordyce Where Is The Risk
  2 153.5 73.09% Hannah Fisher Monster
  3 159.5 72.50% Hannah Fisher Monster
  4 164.5 68.54% Sara Gumbiner Polaris
  HC 155 64.58% Sara Gumbiner Polaris
        Elementary CT
  1 48.75   Quinn Wagner Docs Reaources
  2 60.75   Angela Serpico Yes It Is
  HC 37.19   Jolene Whirt Cassawary
        Starter CT
  1 45.56   Amanda Johnson RT Dooley
    SC   Ann Bradley Adonis
        Beg. Novice CT
  1 22.75   Karen Rubin Pax
  2 40   Hilary Fordyce Where Is The Risk
  3 40.75   Rachel Roberts Cash Money
        Novice CT
  1 32.62   Regina Turner Five Of Diamonds
  1     Madison Kopchinski Grendel's Vengeance
  2     Karen Rubin Pax
  3     Linda Otto Mr. Dillon
  1     Jaimee Wagner Docs Resources
    SC   Ann Bradley Adonis
  E     Nathalie Miller Marshall
        Beg. Novice
  1     Linda Otto Mr. Dillon
  1     Rachel Roberts Cash Money
  1     Regina Turner Five of Diamonds
Overall High Score Dressage  
  Gatlin ridden by Linda Boileau  
Overall Low Score Jumping    
  Pax ridden by Karen Rubin  
Snapshot Series Champions  
Intro Level Hot Date SFH ridden by Fay Seltzer
Intro Level Fiona ridden by Jessica Rexroth  
Training Level Sam I Am ridden by  Louise Jordan-Beam
First Level Dark Tabe ridden by Kelsey Shewmaker
Jumpers Mr Dillon ridden by Linda Otto  
Series Reserve  Champions  
Training Level Gatlin ridden by Linda Boileau  
First Level MVP Memphys ridden by Sharon Rinkenbach

It's Show Time!

Join us at Journey's End for our Snapshot Series. 

High Average at each level may be eligible to win a personalized cooler like the one at the bottom of this page.

April 28

May 19

June 23

Sept 22

Oct 6

Best 3 scores earned in one level, at the highest level qualified, earned at different shows are used to compute your series end score.

FCEA membership is not required, but horse and rider members are eligible for additional year end awards and discounts on entry fees.


Online  Registration Options:     EventClinics  or   EqEntries

Dressage/CT/Jumpers at Journeys End Farm
Glenmoore, PA
Adobe Acrobat document [229.0 KB]
FCEA Show Series Entry Form
Entries close Saturday 1 week prior to the show
Adobe Acrobat document [198.0 KB]

Ardara Sporthorses is inviting FCEA members to join them for a

Natural Horsemanship Clinic with Don Jessop, Nov 15-17


Changes in 2019 Awards Guidelines

Please check the Awards Guidelines for changes in the rules for 2019.

  • The Cooler awards for the FCEA show series is available to members and non-members.  If entries warrant, the following coolers will be awarded:
    • Dressage - Intro, Training, First, and Second&Above
    • Combined Test Overall
    • Stadium Jumping Overall
  • New High Point Awards for the FCEA series - Helmet Bag, Boot Bag, Jacket Bag, Grooming Tote 


These Changes from 2018 will remain in effect.

  • For non-FCEA shows, it is the responsibility of the member to report their scores to the points manager.  FCEA shows receive bonus points.
  • If the member is unable to volunteer at an FCEA activity, they may sponsor their hours.
  • Points for some awards can only be earned at FCEA shows.
  • New Volunteer Perk - members earn a free ticket for the banquet by volunteering 6 hours. (Non-members work 8 hours.)

For more info check out the Awards pages.

Champions could win a Custom Cooler

2019 Upcoming Dates

Nov 10 - Paper Chase


Report Scores

Send your schooling show scores to the Point Manager. Scores are due by Nov 30 of the competition year.


Board Meetings

Tues., Nov 7
Tues., Dec 3


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at
Equine Exchange

Club News

Volunteer Grants now accepted for use with member trainers

Get a grant for every 8 hours you volunteer!!!




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