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FCEA Snapshot Series Shows

Dressage, CT, Jumpers


Journey’s End Farm
April 22, May 20, June 24 and October 7


Ironstone Farm

Sept 23  (Dressage Only)


Dressage Tests

1. USDF Intro A**                          11. First Level Rider Test

2. USDF Intro B** TB                     12. Second Level Test 1

3. USDF Intro C** TB $                  13. Second Level Test 2 $

4. Training Level Test 1 T               14. Second Level Test 3 $

5. Training Level Test 2 $/TB          15. Second Level Rider Test

6. Training Level Test 3 TB             16. Third level*

7. Training Level Rider Test            17. Fourth Level*

8. First Level Test 1                       18. FEI* $

9. First Level Test 2 $/TB                19. Test Of Choice*.

10. First Level Test 3 TB                 W1. Western Dressage TOC*

** Short Arena

*State test on entry

W –Western Dressage

$-Dressage For Cash add $5

TB-Off The Track TB 


Combined Tests

Dressage and Stadium Jumping

DS1 Elementary Dressage: USDF Intro T-C Jumping: 18”-2’

DS2 Starter/Intro Dressage: USDF Beg. Novice Test A 2’-2’3”

DS3 Beg Novice Dressage: USEA Beg. Novice Test B 2’3”-2’6”

DS4 Novice: Dressage: USEA Novice Test B Jumping: 2’ 11

DS5 Training: Dressage: USEA Training Test B Jumping: 3’3”

DS6 Preliminary Dressage: USEA Prelim Test B Jumping: 3’7”



J1 Elementary Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 18” -2’

J2 Starter/Intro Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 2’ – 2’3”

J3 Beg Novice Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 2’3” – 2’6”

J4 Novice: Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 2’11

J5 Training: Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 3’3

J6 Preliminary Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 3’7” 

Changes in 2018 Awards Guidelines

Please check the Awards Guidelines for changes in the rules for 2018. 

The biggest changes are:

  • For non-FCEA shows, it is the responsibility of the member to report their scores to the points manager.  FCEA shows receive bonus points.
  • If the member is unable to volunteer at an FCEA activity, they may sponsor their hours.
  • The Cooler awards for the FCEA show series is only available to members.
  • Points for some awards can only be earned at FCEA shows.
  • New Volunteer Perk - earn a free ticket for the banquet by volunteering 6 hours.

For more info check out the Awards pages.

Champions could win a Custom Cooler

RIDE TIMES for Sunday, April 22



  9:30   Val Lundy, Jr Serano's Star Intro B  
  9:36   Louise Jordan Beam Sam I Am Intro A  
  9:42   Katie Borgstrom Fiona Intro A  
  9:48   Debbie Camplone Cal Shining Star Intro A  
  9:54   Louise Jordan Beam Sam I Am Intro B  
  10:00   Katie Borgstrom Fiona Intro B  
  10:06   Debbie Camplone Cal Shining Star Intro B  
  10:12   Louise Jordan Beam Sam I Am Intro C  
  10:19   Judy Honey Bealagh Aurum's Blues Intro C  
  10:26   Sandra Waltz Declan Test of Choice Novice A
  10:32   arena change  -  break      
  10:45   Sandra Waltz Declan First 2  
  10:53   Val Lundy, Jr Tessa Training 1  
  11:00   Lydia Wingert Lucky Year Training 1  
  11:07   Julianne Ellis Gryffin Training 1  
  11:14   Renee' Elliott Frills Training 2  
  11:23   Lydia Wingert Lucky Year Training 2  
  11:30   Chris Reidy Xzibit Test of Choice Third 3
  11:40   Carolyn Robinson Regalla Second 1  
  11:48   Val Lundy, Jr Declan First 2  
  11:56   Chris Reidy Xzibit Test of Choice Fourth 3
  12:06   Carolyn Robinson Regalla Second 2


2018 FCEA Snapshot Series

April 22 @ Journey's End

May 20 @ Journey's End

June 24 @ Journey's End

Sept 23 @ Ironstone

Oct 7 @ Journey's End




2018 Clinics


April 29 - communication seminar with Nancy Walker *tentative date


Sept 8&9 - George Williams


Report Scores

Send your schooling show scores to the Point Manager


Board Meetings

Tues., May 1

Tues., Jun 5


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at
Equine Exchange

Club News


Competition is FUN

Contact Louise to learn more about this unique competition .

FCEA Interdressage.com Team



Volunteer Grants now accepted for use with member trainers

Get a grant for every 8 hours you volunteer!!!




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