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Changes in 2018 Awards Guidelines

Please check the Awards Guidelines for changes in the rules for 2018. 

The biggest changes are:

For non-FCEA shows, it is the responsibility of the member to report their scores to the points manager.  FCEA shows receive bonus points.

If the member is unable to volunteer at an FCEA activity, they may sponsor their hours.

The Cooler awards for the FCEA show series is only available to members.

Points for some awards can only be earned at FCEA shows.

New Volunteer Perk - earn a free ticket for the banquet by volunteering 6 hours.

For more info check out the Awards pages.

Champions could win a Custom Cooler

The Basics of Wrapping


Dr Matilda Johansson

at Equine Exchange

March 20th, 6:00 pm

FREE Seminar

Topics to include:

Exercise wrapping/Polo wraps
Turn out bandaging
Standing wraps (dry/medicated/sweat)
Hoof wraps (poultice/drawing)
Stabilize a fracture while waiting for the vet to arrive

In case of inclement weather, seminar will be held March 27th, same time & place.

FMI: check out our facebook page.

Paper Chase Photos





2018 FCEA Snapshot Series

April 22 @ Journey's End

May 20 @ Journey's End

June 24 @ Journey's End

Sept 23 @ Ironstone

Oct 7 @ Journey's End


2018 Clinics

March 20 - Wrapping & First Aid w/ Dr Matilda Johansson

March 25 - Massage w/ Kelsey Haldeman

April 8 - Scribing & Test Reading w/ Vicki Sher


Sept 8&9 - George Williams




Board Meetings

Wed., Apr 4

Tues., May 1

Tues., Jun 5


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at 
Equine Exchange



Competition is FUN

Contact Louise to learn more about competing internationally.  

FCEA Interdressage.com Team



Volunteer Grants now accepted for use with member trainers

Get a grant for every 8 hours you volunteer!!!



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