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FCEA Shows for 2016


May 22 - Dressage at Whysper Wynd - Results

The first show of the season was a success.  The FCEA show team hosted 32 rides under judge Cynthia Stephens.  The weather cooperated by watering the ring the day before the show, and not baking us on show day.  The wonderful competitors gave us many kind comments, and the show staff smiled through the day.  Thank-you to the Howell's for allowing us to use their beautiful facility.


July 3 - Dressage at Whysper Wynd - Another nice day at WWF.  With Margo Marano as judge, we had a nice day with great competitors on nice horses.


Sept 25 - Dressage at Ironstone Farm - Judge is Patty Thompson

Tentative Ride Times

time number rider   horse test  
9:00 129 Fay Seltzer Sam I Am Intro A  
9:09   Sherilyn Allen Xadrez Imd 2  
9:18 129 Fay Seltzer Sam I Am Intro B  
9:27   Joanne Coleman Greene Pfreefall Intro B  
9:36   Linda  Otto Dillon Tr 1  
9:45   Joanne Coleman Greene Pfreefall Tr 1  
9:54   Linda  Otto Dillon Tr 2  
10:03   Elaine Warner Sir Lancelot Tr 1  
10:12   Ann  Bradley Donny Tr 1  
10:21   Jennifer Schmidt Tarino Tr 1  
10:30   Marcia Campbell Olster 3-3.  
10:39 break          
11:00   Debbie Myers Rex Roland BHF Tr 2  
11:09   Ann  Bradley Donny Tr 2  
11:18   Jennifer Schmidt Tarino Tr 2  
11:27   Rachel  Hosier Royal Aragon Tr 2  
11:36   Victoria  Sher Shilhouette Tr 2  
11:45   Elaine Warner Sir Lancelot Tr 3  
11:54   Rachel  Hosier Royal Aragon Tr 3  
12:03   Debbie Myers Rex Roland BHF Tr 3  
12:12   Sarah  Decker Quazar 2-3.  
12:21   Kyna  Williams Once N Again 2-2.  
12:30   Sarah  Decker Quazar 3-3.  
12:39   Sherilyn Allen Fabio Imd 2  

Oct 30 - Dressage at Ironstone Farm - Judge is Cheryl Ash

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NEW for 2016 - Each Show will award a High Point Adult & High Point Jr Rider for the day


Series End Awards - Earn two qualifying scores at two different shows, and be eligible for the series end championship cooler.

Reminder for USDF Group Members

Please keep in mind that, to be eligible for Adequan®/USDF Year-End Awards or to qualify for Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships, you must have a USDF Participating Membership at the time the scores are earned and qualifying rides are ridden.

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Sept 25 - DR@Ironstone

Oct 30 - DR@Ironstone




Oct 2 - LVDA @ Thunderhead

Oct 8 - Straight Forward


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