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Changes in 2018 Awards Guidelines

Please check the Awards Guidelines for changes in the rules for 2018. 

The biggest changes are:

For non-FCEA shows, it is the responsibility of the member to report their scores to the points manager.  FCEA shows receive bonus points.

If the member is unable to volunteer at an FCEA activity, they may sponsor their hours.

The Cooler awards for the FCEA series is only available to members.

Points for some awards can only be earned at FCEA shows.

New Volunteer Perk - earn a free ticket for the banquet by volunteering 6 hours.

For more info check out the Awards pages.

Final Results for 2017

award                                   rider & horse

Volunteer of the Year  Cherie Gaebel

OTTB award               Lydia Wingert’s Lucky Year

Dr Achievement          Lydia W & Lucky Year – Intro

LAJB & CdB – Tr,

Vicki S & Divine-1st,

Best Avg                     LAJB & CdB – Tr,

Vicki S & Divine – 1st,

Year End Awards by person

Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain De Bec

Masters – 1st

Training Level – 1st

First Level – 2nd

Vicki Sher & Divine

Masters – 2nd

First Level – 1st

Vicki Sher & Qharaoke

Training Level – 3rd

Master – 3rd

Lydia Wingert & Lucky Year

Intro – 1st

Adult Amateur – 1st

Regan Walmer & Challengers Fourth Angel

Jr Rider – 1st

Training Level – 2nd

Victoria Sarge & Dutch Night’s Dream

Jr Rider – 2nd

Intro Level – 2nd

Courtney Sarge & Riverwind

FEI – 1st

Adult Amateur – 2nd

Masters – 4th

Jeanette Hedrick & Haley’s Comet

Intro Level – 3rd

Masters – 5th

Adult Amateur – 3rd

Kadie Walmer & Illusion WRF

Intro Level – 4th

                Training Level – 5th

Adult Amateur – 4th

Linda Otto & Mr Dillon

Training Level – 4th

Masters – 6th

Adult Amateur – 5th

FCEA Series Cooler Presentations

Introductory & Training Level  Jennifer Schubert and Pilot
First Level      Kelsy Shewmaker  and Dark Tabe
Combined Training   Aneesa Romans  and Whyoming
Jumpers     Amy Quigley  and  FiftyTwoWeekHigh

Champions could win a Custom Cooler
2014 High Point Award

Paper Chase Photos





2017 FCEA Snapshot Series

April 23 @ Journey's End

May 21 @ Journey's End

June 25 @ Journey's End

Sept 17 @ Ironstone

Oct 8 @ Journey's End


2017 Clinics

April 1&2 - Silva Martin

April 8&9 - Foster Zeh

May 13/14 - Foster Zeh #2

Aug 12/13 - Foster Zeh #3

Sept 9&10 - George Williams




Board Meetings

Tues., Jan 9

Tues., Feb 6

Tues., Mar 6


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at 
Equine Exchange



Competition is FUN

Contact Louise to learn more about competing internationally.  

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Volunteer Grants now accepted for use with member trainers

Get a grant for every 8 hours you volunteer!!!



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