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British Riding Clubs (BRC) exists to provide support and encouragement to amateur riders of all levels – from the dedicated competitor to the happy hacker. We offer a range of events, training and qualifications through over 430 clubs and 50 centres right across the UK.

Our clubs and centres give BRC members the chance to ride, compete and train together at national competitions, training and social events. Find out more about what joining a club can do for you and how to affiliate your club to BRC in this section.

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British Riding Club Assessments

For information on the requirements for each level.  If you would like to test for one of the levels, contact our BHSAI.

Riding and Horse Welfare 1       Riding and Horse Welfare 2


Riding and Horse Welfare 3      Riding and Horse Welfare 4


Louise Jordan-Beam will host Orientation classes for Interdressage for any interested member.  This includes picking appropriate classes, videoing, downloading the video, and making the entry to Interdressage.  FCEA would like to encourage members to enter as part of the British Riding Club league.  

ABOUT Interdressage.com

  • This is a competition website where you can compete in dressage, style jumping and in hand showing, as well as a few fun and seasonal classes.  All classes are videoed and uploaded to YouTube and then to the website, and are judged by qualified judges.
  • Each entry is entered into the individual leagues first, junior, senior, novice, intermediate and open, and the other leagues that are available.  Louise and her students at Corner House Farm are entered in the Riding School league, the Winter league and the Improvement league during the summer.
  • There is a British Riding Club league that runs from May to April and as French Creek Equestrian Association is a member of the BRC we are eligible to enter.  To familiarize everyone with the competition, we are setting up a session to explain how to enter and video anyone interested.
  • The Basics: All the tests are ridden in a 20 x 40 meter arena.  The zoom on the camera is set so the whole horse and rider can be seen when standing at X, and follows the horse around the arena while videoing.The tests can be found on the website and printed off.  There are walk trot classes, beginner canter classes and more advanced classes in dressage.  There are also jumping classes and handy horse showing classes.  Quite a wide variety to choose from!  AND if you don't like the tests, do a freestyle and make up your own test.

This is a great opportunity to do something as a club against other riding clubs without the expense of travel or getting dressed up.  

FMI: Louise Jordan-Beam or 610-506-7411


2019 FCEA Snapshot Series

April 28 @ Journey's End

May 19 @ Journey's End

June 23 @ Journey's End

Sept 22 @ Journey's End

Oct 6 @ Journey's End



2019 Upcoming Dates

Feb 12 - Accupuncture and more

Feb 23 - Awards Banquet

March 12 - Pushy Horse Seminar

May 25&26 - Landsafe Clinic


Report Scores

Send your schooling show scores to the Point Manager


Board Meetings

Tues., Feb 5
Tues., March 5


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at
Equine Exchange

Club News


Competition is FUN

Contact Louise to learn more about this unique competition .

FCEA Interdressage.com Team



Volunteer Grants now accepted for use with member trainers

Get a grant for every 8 hours you volunteer!!!




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