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March 28, 2015 - Pest Control

Using Fly Sprays & Dewormers

with Fred Sensenig

TIME: 5pm       RSVP is appreciated

PLACE: Equine Exchange

Pest Control around the farm takes many forms - barn pests, pasture pests, and horse pests.  To control them, we use many different forms of control including fly sprays for the barn and horse, and pest capture devices in and around the barn and de-wormers in both paste and daily form.  Learn how to decipher the labels on your Fly Spray, and what to look for in De-Wormers and rotation, as well as what options are available to capture pests on the farm. 

Feb 7, 2015 - Anatomy of Bitting

with Debby Hadden

Time: 5pm

Place:Equine Exchange


You are invited to learn about the anatomy of the horse's mouth and what bits can and cannot do to control the horse featuring the latest research by Dr. Hilary Clayton and Dr. Joyce Harmon. Increase your knowledge and gain a new perspective on bits so that you can increase your horse’s comfort in the bridle.  This is an interactive seminar, attendees will be actively participating, not just listening to a lecture.


Debby is also involved in Connected riding, she does groundwork and saddle fitting consultations, group lectures, interactive mounted and unmounted clinics and seminars. She is a Connected Riding Practitioner, is a Pony Club B graduate and Potomac Horse Center certified, as well as being a Level 3 Centered Riding Clinician.  She was recommended for this bitting seminar by an equine dentist.  

Cost:  $5 for FCEA 2015 members

$10 for non-members        

Anatomy of Bitting with Debby Hadden
Feb 7th at Equine Exchange
Bitting Seminar.pdf
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Feb 20,2015 - Dental Seminar

with Dr David Foster

     Dr. David Foster, VMD, is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine with a specialty in Equine Dentistry.  He received his BA at Ithaca College in 1975, and his VMD at Univ. of Penna., School of Veterinary Medicine in 1979 and is an Active Diplomate of the American Dental Veterinary College with an Equine Veterinary Dental Specialty.  

     Equine dentistry has now expanded well beyond “floating” and extractions, to encompass all dental disciplines including oral surgery, endodontics, occlusal abnormalities, periodontics, and restorative dentistry.

Cost: Free to Members and non-members


If you are looking for a little background on Equine dentistry, please check out this article.

Horses Require Regular Dentistry

and Teeth Floating for Proper Chewing

Find out why you should make regular dental checkups should be included in every horse's heath care program.   LINK

Beyond the Float - Dental Seminar with Dr Foster
Feb 20th at Equine Exchange
Equine Dental Seminar.pdf
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Pasture Walk &
Pasture Management Seminar

Saturday, September 27, 2014  11AM

FREE seminar - Take a walk thru an active horse pasture to check out what's coming up.  Learn what's good, bad, and what you can do about it!

RSVP greatly appreciated - email FAY or call Equine Exchange 610-469-0111

Sept 2014 - Pasture Management Seminar
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2013 Saddle Fit Seminar & Social
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Clinic and Activity Entry Form 2014
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