FCEA is dedicated to Education and the pursuit of Equestrian Excellence.  To that end, FCEA promotes and rewards Education, Volunteerism and excellence in and around the "Sand Box".


Education is promoted thru our various clinics and seminars, and rewards members that are dedicated to education thru the FCEA University Program.  


The Volunteer Program, utilizes a Voucher Program, along with Educational Grants and Scholarships and a year end award for the Spirit of FCEA.


The Year End Awards include various categories for High Point Awards at both Recognized Shows and Schooling Shows.  Also rewarded are Amateurs, Juniors, Masters, and their Trainers. If you would like to sponsor an award, please talk to a board member to arrange for qualifications and sponsorship responsibilities.

FCEA has the following awards for horse and rider combinations competing in the current year. The rider MUST be an FCEA member in good standing as of the competition date. Awarded at the Annual Meeting in February of the following year. All members must volunteer four(4) hours at any club event, activity or committee during the current fiscal year to be eligible for ANY year end award.


High Point Awards
Recognized Show High Point Award
Trainer of the Year Award
Best Average Awards
Dressage Achievement Award
Eventing Achievement Award
Volunteer Award
Amateur Owned and Trained Award
Thoroughbred Award


2015 Award Winners


2015 Volunteer of the Year

Elaine DiMarco(center) with 2014 Volunteer Sandy Foster(L) and FCEA president, Fay Seltzer

2016 Year End Awards


Dressage High Point Awards

Introductory Level
1. Fay Seltzer & Sam I Am
2. Isaiah Whittaker & Rusty
3. Regan Walmer & Challengers First Angel
4. Jeanette Hedrick & Haley’s Comet
5. Elaine DiMarco & Rio

Training Level
1. Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec
2. Erika Killian & Stella
3. Cheryl Fegans & San Riva
4. Linda Otto & Mr Dillon
5. Katherine Walmer & Illusion

First Level
1. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
2. Jill Starlipper & Utopian
3. Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec
4. Carsan Rucci & Paint My Memories

Second Level
1. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere

Third Level
1. Ange Bean & Venus
2. Marcia Campbell & Olster

Fourth Level
1. Ange Bean & Venus
2. Courtney Sarge & Riverwind

FEI Levels
1. Sherilyn Allen & Xadrez
2. Sherilyn Allen & Fabio

Western Dressage
1. Ciana Daron & Jack
2. Sherilyn Allen & The Union Man


Overall Adult Amateur Dressage
1. Fay Seltzer & Sam I Am
2. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
3. Erika Killian & Stella
4. Cheryl Feagans & San Riva
5. Ciana Daron & Jack
6. Sherilyn Allen & Xadrez 

Overall Junior Dressage
1. Isaiah Whitaker & Rusty
2. Regan Walmer & Challengers Fourth Angel
3. Carsan Rucci & Paint My Memories

Overall Masters Dressage
1. Fay Seltzer & Sam I Am
2. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
3. Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain De Bec
4. Cheryk Feagans & San Riva
5. Sherilyn Allen & Xadrez 
6. Linda Otto & Mr Dillon


Recognized Dressage High Point
      Diamond Emily Donaldson riding Campione, owned by Elaine DiMarco
      Swarovsky Emily Donaldson riding Beaujolais 75
      Rhinestone Ange Bean riding BR Danny’s Secret


Recognized Eventing High Point
      Badminton Seth Beaver & Mr Bojangles
      Burghley Kelly Beaver & Sempre Fino

Best Average  (Five Scores at the Highest test of the level)
     First Level Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere


Dressage Achievement Awards Must complete 5 tests or more at five different shows.
     Intro Level Fay Seltzer & Sam I Am
     Training Level Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec


Trainer of the Year: Ange Bean


Volunteer of the Year - 2016 - The Supporting Men
      Previous Honorees: 2015 - Elaine DiMarco 2014 - Sandy Foster
                                   2013 - Matilda Johansson 2012 - Michelle Thomas

2015 Year End Awards



Dressage High Point Awards
Introductory Level    
  1.    Isaiah Whittaker & Rusty
  2.    Elaine DiMarco & Jack
Training Level
  1.    Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec
  2.    Leigh Frazier & Fortunes Cougar
  3.    Rebecca Barker & Tuxedo    
  4.    Kelly Starliper & Jonah
  5.    Erika Killian & Stella
  6.    Carsan Rucci & Paint My Memories        
First Level
  1.    Jill Starlipper & Utopian
  2.    Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
  3.    Richard Close & Malachi
  4.    Richard Close & Rascal Moon Jet
Second Level
  1.    Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere    
Third Level
  1.    Sherilyn Allen & Bizet        
Fourth Level
  1.    Courtney Sarge & Riverwind
  2.    Sherilyn Allen & Zadrez
  3.    Ange Bean & BR Danny’s Secret
Overall Adult Amateur Dressage
  1.    Jill Starliper & Utopian
  2.    Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
  3.    Leigh Frazier & Fortunes Cougar
  4.    Courtney Sarge & Riverwind
  5.    Elaine DiMarco & Jack
  6.    Sherilyn Allen & Zadrez or Bizet

Overall Junior Dressage
  1.    Isaiah Whitaker & Rusty
  2.    Kelli Starlipper & Jonah
  3.    Carsan Rucci & Paint My Memories        

Overall Masters Dressage
  1.    Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec    
  2.    Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
  3.    Leigh Frazier & Fortunes Cougar    
  4.    Elaine DiMarco & Jack    
  5.    Richard Close & Malachi
  6.    Sherilyn Allen & Zadrez or Bizet

CT - Elementary  
  1.    Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain    
  2.    Tory Sarge & Pistol Pete
CT - Starter 
  1.    Rebecca Barker & Dark Apollo
  2.    Louise Jordan-Beam & Captai
CT - Beg Novice 
  1.    Rebecca Barker & Dark Apollo
CT - Jr Rider 
  1.    Tory Sarge & Pistol Pete

Recognized Dressage High Point
  Diamond    - Ange Bean  
  Swarovsky     - Kristen Ortt
Recognized Eventing High Point
  Badminton    - Seth Beaver
  Burghley    - Kelly Beaver
Jr Jumper
    Champion    Elizabeth Howell & Shuku
    Res Champ    Josie Howell & Fancy


Trainer of the Year         Louise Jordan-Beam


Volunteer of the Year      Elaine DiMarco


2014 Year End Awards


2014 YEAR END Awards

Dressage High Point Awards


    Introductory Level         

  1. Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec
  2. Ange Bean & Emma  
  3. Tami & Duke           

Training Level

  1. Joyce Faccenda & Pikasso Gold   
  2. Jessica Wolfskill & Severi           
  3. Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec
  4. Tori Belles & OSSA           
  5. Leigh Frazier & Fortunes Cougar 
  6. Sandy Foster & Babble      
  7. Ange Bean & Emma          
  8. Ange Bean & Capitano                       

First Level

  1. Ange Bean & Colgin IX              
  2. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere

Second Level

  1. Ange Bean & Slingshot      
  2. Ange Bean & Trailhead Absaroka

Third Level

  1. Kat Kruemmling & Dahlia           

Fourth Level

  1. Ange Bean & BR Danny's Secret 


Overall Adult Amateur Dressage

  1. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
  2. Joyce Faccenda & Pikasso Gold           
  3. Leigh Frazier & Fortunes Cougar 
  4. Sandy Foster & Babble              
  5. Kat Kruemmling & Dahlia           


Overall Junior Dressage

  1. Carsan Rucci & Paint My Memories  
  2. Jessica Wolfskill & Severi               
  3. Tori Belles & OSSA       
  4. Jessica Wolfskill & Silver Lining       


Overall Masters Dressage

  1. Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec     
  2. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere
  3. Joyce Faccenda & Pikasso Gold       
  4. Leigh Frazier & Fort Cougar    
  5. Sandy Foster & Babble          


Overall & Adult Amateur CT

  1. Seth Beaver        


Dressage Achievement Awards 


Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec - INTRO



Recognized Dressage High Point

  1. Diamond       Ange Bean & BR Danny’s Secret
  2. Swarovsky    Kristen Ortt & Felix
  3. Rhinestone    Ange Bean & Capitano

Recognized Eventing High Point

  1. Badminton      Kelly Beaver & Sempre Fino
  2. Burghley         Seth Beaver & Mr Bojangles
  3. Rolex             Cherie Gaebel



Trainer of the Year         Ange Bean


Volunteer of the Year     Sandy Foster                   


Championship Show info 2014

FCEA Championship classes will be held in conjunction with the October 11 show at SFD.

Straight Forward Dressage is located at 9 Lyons Run Rd, Glenmoore, PA Basic Info


Championship Classes

  • Eligibility: To be eligible, riders’ must be members of FCEA as of October 1st
  • Qualifying: To qualify at a level, the horse and rider combination must have earned a qualifying score of 62% or better, in any test of the level, at any FCEA approved point show.
  • Qualifying period: 1/1/2014 to closing date of championship show.
  • Championship Tests: Intro C, Training 3, First 3, Second 3, Third 3, Fourth 3, FEI TOC.
  • Entry Fee: Regular class entry plus an additional $5 per championship test.
  • Championship Rules: nothing different from regular show rules – readers allowed, whips allowed.
  • Please note, FCEA allows horse and rider combinations to compete and earn scores in two adjacent levels, and as such, they may qualify and show in two Championship classes of their current level of showing.  Example:  if you started the year at Intro, and moved up to Training Level, and then tried First Level, you are no longer eligible at Intro, but, you are eligible at Training and First if you earned the scores to qualify.

Dressage Team Competition

  • Teams of 2-4 horse & rider combinations, will form a team comprised of scores earned at : one test at Introductory Level, Training Level, First Level, and one extra test score at any one of those levels.  One score at each level counts for final points.  A test may only count for scores on one team, but a rider may ride two different tests to count for two different teams.  Riders may ride up to 2 tests (in adjacent levels) to count towards the team score, and they must designate which test(s) will count for their team score(s). 
  • Team names encouraged.
  • Teams may be formed the morning of the show.
  • Entry Fee: $5 per test=$15/$20 per team
  • FCEA Membership: not required

Championship Show

CHAMPIONS for 2014

Introductory Level         Louise Jordan Beam & Captain de Bec

Training Level               Louise Jordan Beam & Captain de Bec

Reserve              Jessica Wolfskill & Severi

Third                  Joyce Faccenda & Pikasso Gold

Fourth                Tori Belles & OSSA 

First Level                    Ange Bean & Colgin IX (owned by Dina Porter)

Second Level                Ange Bean & Trailhead Absarok

 more pictures on the Photos page


Also a huge THANK-YOU goes out to the team at Straight Forward Dressage for hosting this show.  The weather made it a bit inconvienent, but, they did a great job of making everyone feel at ease.


Paper Chase Photos


2017 FCEA Snapshot Series

April 23 @ Journey's End

May 21 @ Journey's End

June 25 @ Journey's End

Sept 17 @ Ironstone

Oct 8 @ Journey's End


2017 Clinics

April 1&2 - Silva Martin

April 8&9 - Foster Zeh

May 13/14 - Foster Zeh #2

Aug 12/13 - Foster Zeh #3

Sept 9&10 - George Williams




Board Meetings

Tues., Jan 9

Tues., Feb 6

Tues., Mar 6


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at 
Equine Exchange



Competition is FUN

Contact Louise to learn more about competing internationally.  

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