FCEA Show Info 2018

Show Season: April 1 - Nov 30

NEW for 2018 - Scores from any local schooling show may be submitted for year end awards.  Only the best five scores of a level will be used to calculate the year end standings.  FCEA Snapshot Series Shows receive bonus points.  For additional rules see the Awards pages.


FCEA Show Series Dressage/CT/Jumpers - JEF Prize List
Dressage/CT/Jumpers at Journeys End Farm
Glenmoore, PA
FCEAJEF 2018 prize list.pdf
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FCEA Show Series Entry Form
Entries close Saturday 1 week prior to the show
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Special Thank-you to Dr. Sherilynn Allen for the use of her Ironstone Farm for our September Show.  


Dressage Protocol

USDF has basic information relating to protocol at dressage shows to view click here

FCEA Snapshot Series Shows

Dressage, CT, Jumpers

Journey’s End Farm
April 22, May 20, June 24 and October 7


Ironstone Farm

Sept 23  (Dressage Only)

Dressage Tests

1. USDF Intro A**                          11. First Level Rider Test

2. USDF Intro B** TB                     12. Second Level Test 1

3. USDF Intro C** TB $                  13. Second Level Test 2 $

4. Training Level Test 1 T               14. Second Level Test 3 $

5. Training Level Test 2 $/TB          15. Second Level Rider Test

6. Training Level Test 3 TB             16. Third level*

7. Training Level Rider Test            17. Fourth Level*

8. First Level Test 1                       18. FEI* $

9. First Level Test 2 $/TB                19. Test Of Choice*.

10. First Level Test 3 TB                 W1. Western Dressage TOC*

** Short Arena

*State test on entry

W –Western Dressage

$-Dressage For Cash add $5

TB-Off The Track TB 


Combined Tests

Dressage and Stadium Jumping - 2018 Tests ** Short Arena

DS1 Elementary Dressage: USDF Intro C Jumping: 18”-2’

DS2 Starter/Intro Dressage: USDF Beg. Novice Test A 2’-2’3”

DS3 Beg Novice Dressage: USEA Beg. Novice Test B 2’3”-2’6”

DS4 Novice: Dressage: USEA Novice Test B Jumping: 2’ 11

DS5 Training: Dressage: USEA Training Test B Jumping: 3’3”

DS6 Preliminary Dressage: USEA Prelim Test B Jumping: 3’7”



J1 Elementary Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 18” -2’

J2 Starter/Intro Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 2’ – 2’3”

J3 Beg Novice Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 2’3” – 2’6”

J4 Novice: Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 2’11

J5 Training: Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 3’3

J6 Preliminary Clear Round - Table II section 2(b) 3’7” 


Classes maybe combined or split depending on entries, at show management’s discretion.

Show management reserves the right to refuse any entry. 


ENTRIES: Dressage Classes $25, Combined Tests $45, Cash Classes $30 and Jumper Classes $20. Entries close Saturday 1 week prior to show.

Refund policy: Full refund before closing date. Refunds after closing date less $5.00 handling charge with VMD or MD certificate only.

Checks payable to: FCEA. Negative Coggins drawn after 01/01/2017 required.

SEND ENTRIES TO: Organizer c/o French Creek Equestrian Dressage Association PO Box 85 St. Peters, PA 19470 or enter online at EquestrianEntries.com 

LATE POLICY: Any entry which is postmarked after the closing date shall have an added $10 late fee. The late fee plus the entry must be delivered to the show organizer before the date of the show. If the organizer receives an entry after the closing date without the late fee, the exhibitor will be required to pay the fee before competing. NO EXCEPTIONS!


STARTING TIMES: Will be sent via EMAIL and posted on the FCEA web site: www.frenchcreekequestrian.org the Thursday night before the show.


AWARDS: 6 ribbons for each class.

All classes #1-#18 are eligible for FCEA year end awards for members.

Off The Track TB Award – Highest score of IB or IC and T2 or T3 and F2 or F3

Dressage For Cash – T2, F2 & S2 classes will have an optional cash prize. Additional $5 entry fee. $15 of all dressage For Cash entries will be split between top three eligible riders. 50 30 20 payout.


SERIES Custom COOLER AWARD (must enter minimum of 3 shows to be eligible) **Rider must be a FCEA Member to win the cooler.

Series Dressage Award horse/rider combination with best average score for Intro, Training, First, and Second&Above. Three best scores from 3 different shows in the series. 

Series CT Award horse/rider combination with best average score.

Series Jumper Award for highpoint horse/rider combination


ARENAS & WARM-UP at JEF: All dressage classes will be held outdoor in a sand & rubber standard 20x60 arena and warm-up will be held indoor. Stadium jumping will be held outdoor in sand and rubber footed arena. All jumping warm up will be on grass. 


JEF DIRECTIONS: From Rt 100 go west on Rt 401 1.8 miles Turn right on Templin Rd. Farm on right at bottom of hill. Parking will be in field on left after 2nd entrance to farm. Address is 124 Templin Road, Glenmoore, PA 19343


NO DOGS Please!

2018 FCEA Snapshot Series

April 22 @ Journey's End

May 20 @ Journey's End

June 24 @ Journey's End

Sept 23 @ IronstoneCANCELED

Oct 7 @ Journey's End





2018 Upcoming Dates

Nov 11 - Paper Chase

Report Scores

Send your schooling show scores to the Point Manager


Board Meetings

Tues., Nov 6
Tues., Dec 4


FMI:  Fay or Michelle

* Unless otherwise listed, meetings are 6pm on the first TUESDAY of each month at
Equine Exchange

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